DIGIPUB News India Foundation


Who We are

The DIGIPUB News India Foundation has been formed by digital media organisations with the intent to help ensure the creation of a healthy and robust news ecosystem for the digital age. The aim is to build a platform that represents digital news media organisations, with its membership open to digital-only ventures, as well as media commentators and independent journalists active in the digital news space.

Despite the growth of digital-only news organisations in India, there is no single body representing the country’s digital news ecosystem. DIGIPUB News India Foundation aims to represent, amplify and evolve best practices that are independent and upholds the highest standards of journalism. The digital news ecosystem includes current issues, analysis, commentaries in any form: text, videos, animations, graphic stories, etc.

One of the aims of the Foundation is to underline the fact that the pursuits and interests of legacy media may not always be the same as that of digital media – especially in regards to regulation, business models, technology and structures. DIGIPUB News India Foundation has been created to address the need for an organization to represent the interests of digital-only news media.

One of the key defining aspects of the Foundation is that it does not believe that only organisations should represent or voice the needs of the digital news ecosystem. It is imperative to recognize the contribution of independent journalists informing the bulwark of this digital ecosystem. Membership to the DIGIPUB News India Foundation is also open to independent/freelance journalists and commentators who work in the digital news space.

The Foundation hopes to take the best practices from legacy media and hone these to specifically meet the needs of digital media. DIGIPUB News India Foundation looks forward to the support and collaboration of journalists, entrepreneurs, news professionals and news consumers, to nurture an organisation which will represent, define and protect this digital-only news ecosystem


The Values of DIGIPUB News India Foundation in Digital Journalism

We as digital news organisations, stand for the Constitutional values that are enshrined in the Indian Constitution in its Preamble

Justice, Social, Economic and Political

Liberty of Thought, Expression, Belief, Faith and Worship

Equality of Status and of opportunity irrespective of Caste, Class or Gender;

Promote among them all fraternity assuring the dignity of the individual, and the unity and integrity of the Nation

As news organisations, we seek to uphold the objectivity, fairness, integrity of our journalism, and being sensitive to the issues and the people involved in the news stories including their right to privacy. We oppose all attempts by organisations to reduce the media space by promoting fake news and using digital platforms for trolling, spreading hatred between communities and the people.

Founding Members of DIGIPUB News India Foundation


  • Alt News

  • Article 14

  • Boomlive

  • Cobrapost

  • HW News

  • Newsclick

  • Newslaundry

  • Scroll

  • The News Minute

  • The Quint

  • The Wire

Commentariat and Freelancers:

  • Akash Banerji

  • Faye DeSouza

  • Paranjoy Guha Thakurta

  • Neha Dixit


  • A18 Telangana News
  • Anweshanam
  • Asia Villa
  • Atul Ashok howale
  • Awadh Punch
  • Azhimukham Media
  • Bar and Bench
  • Barkha Dutt Media
  • Citizen Matters
  • Clarion India
  • Countercurrents.org
  • Dalit Camera
  • Dastak Live News
  • DoolNews
  • East Mojo
  • ED Times
  • Evartha
  • Suno India
  • FactChecker
  • Fact Crescendo
  • Finshots
  • Newsmeter
  • Health Check
  • In The News
  • India Spend
  • Indian Writers Forum
  • Guwahati Plus
  • Kafila
  • Life News
  • MaxMaharashtra Media
  • Media Nama
  • Media Vigil
  • Millat Times
  • MXM India
  • News Moments
  • Nicobar Times
  • NorthEast Now
  • OMMCOM News
  • Opoyi
  • People’s Archive of Rural India
  • PSB Media
  • Satya Hindi
  • SouthLive
  • The Citizen
  • The India Forum
  • The Ken
  • The Leaflet
  • The Morning Context
  • The News Mill
  • The Public India
  • The Shudra
  • The Sikkim Chronicle
  • TIME8
  • True Copy
  • The Better India
  • Vibes Of India
  • Loud India TV
  • Main Media
  • The Probe
  • DB Live
  • Malabar News
  • TeluguPost
  • Behen Box
  • PalPal News
  • India News Stream
  • HashTagU
  • Speak Up India
  • India North East
  • Chalchitra Abhiyaan
  • AanWorld
  • Feminism In India
  • Suno India
  • Headline Network
  • Democratic Charkha
  • Afternoon Voice
  • Deshgaon Media Foundation
  • StraightLine Media
  • InsideNE
  • The Harishchandra
  • Indus News 24×7
  • Reporters’ Collective
  • Smita Sharma
  • Ravish Kumar
  • News AapTak
  • The Probe
  • IBN24 News Network
  • Times Kerala Online

Individual or commentariat:

  • Abhishek Srivastava
  • Ajit Anjum
  • Alok Joshi
  • Jatin Gandhi
  • Ranjona Banerji
  • Sakshi Joshi
  • Late Vinod Dua
  • Abhisar Sharma
  • Abrar Bhat
  • Ram Dutt Tripathi
  • Navin Kumar
  • Abu Aimal Azad
  • Mohammed Akram Ali
  • Kunal Majumdar
  • Vaidehi Taman
  • Sohit Mishra
  • Mr Reaction Wala
  • Dayashankar Mishra
  • Bolta Hindustan

Office Holders

Chairperson – Dhanya Rajendran, The News Minute

General Secretaries – Ritu Kapur, The Quint & Abhinandan Sekhri, Newslaundry

Board Members

  • Ritu Kapur
  • Aniruddha Bahal
  • Abhinandan Sekhri
  • Sujit Nair
  • Dhanya Rajendran
  • Samar Harlankar
  • Meena Kotwal

Internal Committee

DIGIPUB is delighted to announce our internal committee to provide our members with an industry-wide level of self-regulation. We are grateful to the members for accepting the responsibility of ensuring our committee consists of individuals with an unimpeachable public service record and accomplishments.

1. Former Supreme Court judge Justice Madan Lokur

2. Ms. Swarna Rajagopalan, founder, and director for the Prajnya Trust

3. Bezwada Wilson, activist and National Convenor of the Safai Karmachari Andolan



Indian Digital Media News Websites are eligible to apply for membership. The companies/societies/trusts who own the websites will need to apply with details of their organisation including registration number etc.. They will need to subscribe to the Values of DIGIPUB News India Foundation in Digital Journalism as given in the DIGIPUB website.

Membership fees for organisations are Rs. 10,000 per annum.

Once the organisations apply, the Board of DIGIPUB will take a decision. For application of organisations to be considered for membership, two member organisations including at least one founding organisation, will have to support the application and the Board will have to approve the membership application. This is at the discretion of the Board.

Individual Journalists / Commentariat:

Individual journalists and those who comment on news in videos or written form can also be members. The membership fees for individual members are Rs.5,000 per annum. They will need to agree to the Values of DIGIPUB News India Foundation in Digital Journalism as given in the DIGIPUB website.

For individual journalists or commentariat, application of individuals to be considered for membership, two members of DIGIPUB, including at least one organisation member will have to support the application, and either the organisation or the other member supporting the application should be a founding member. The Board will have to approve the membership application. This is at the discretion of the Board.

If you would like to apply for membership, please click here.